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Wicked Faire

Come out and have some fun

I bid you greetings from the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire III: A Renaissance Faire...With Tentacles.

If you're not familiar with us--we're a miniature (all-indoor and heated!) Renaissance Faire, complete with cast, story, feasting, swordfights, Renaissance entertainers, artisans, knights, wenches, rogues...Pirates...Ninja...insane Lovecraftian Cultists...
--Yes. We're not your average Faire.
...what we do is take as much Renaissance Festival as we can find and fit, and then layer on top of it all manner of extra and additional fun--performers and musicians, themes and games and opportunities to meet and find further insane folk who'd go to a Faire in Jersey in the middle of winter. Every year, we add something new--last year, Pirates and Ninja, and this year, the coming of H.P. Lovecraft's Elder Gods.

You might have heard we died. If that's true, then we're officially Undead, because we've come back! The venue with whom we signed a contract, a year ago, was taken over in November by new owners who first ignored us, and then tried illegally to get rid of us. But we're not the sorts to give up without a fight -- we're staying, and we're going to have the best revenge: a fantastic event!

But we need your help. Thanks to the actions of the Holiday Inn of Edison, we lost very nearly two months of planning and marketing. We're a bit obsessed, so we still had months and months of work in the can. But we're not too proud to admit when we need to call on our secret weapon: YOU.

The hotel called us "THOSE kind of people". Well, I know this about our kind of people: when you knock us down, we get up better than ever. The Wicked Faire has the honor of catering to people whom some might consider the misfits, the unorthodox, the unusual, the different, and the strange. And "those" people are TOUGH.

We need your HELP. Any other year, we'd ask you to come to the event just because it's a hell of a lot of fun. This year, we'll admit: we've taken a big financial hit with all the troubles and legal fees the hotel's caused us to incur. We need your support. But MUCH MORE - we want your help to help us make it an INCREDIBLE event! We're looking for more folks who'd like to come and get into the swing of things, to be costumed if they want, to secretly be cultists... or even people who don't want to participate, but are just going to enjoy; everyone who comes and feels good will help make this event more and more fun for all involved.

Come to Faire!
Tell your friends!!
Buy a hotel room, if you can afford it and are inclined--we want to take over the WHOLE hotel to make sure we have that hotel management completely outnumbered.

THIS is the time. This year's Faire will happen, absolutely--but without your help, there may not be a next year. Come check us out! Our headlining performers include Voltaire and Daniel Greenwolf, among many others; we have a vast array of entertainers; we work like mad to show you a GREAT time.

Check us out!

The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire III -
A Renaissance Faire...With Tentacles
~February 8th and 9th~
Holiday Inn and Conference Center, Edison, NJ
-Facebook: "Wicked Winter Renn Faire III"
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